Everybody Strauss! Johannes Wildner in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein – May 1st

At 11 o’clock on Labour Day, May 1st, Johannes Wildner will conduct the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra in a morning performance as it presents works by, among others, Johann Strauss (I), Johann Strauss (II) and Josef Strauss in the renowned Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. Wildner regularly works with this internationally known ensemble, most recently at the occasion of a very successful tour of Mexico in November of 2013 and, of course, for the orchestra’s annual tour of Japan. The programme for the Labour Day concert is available here.

"In the long term society can only improve by means of cultural and educational policy."

Johannes Wildner has studied Viennese musical tradition from his earliest formative years, conveyed it as a violinist and even more so as a conductor in Europe and the Far East.  He has been the Director of the Opera Festival in Gars (Austria) since 2013, and Professor of Conducting at the ViennaMusicUniversity since 2014.   On the occasion of his concert "Klassik-Hits im Goldenen Saal" (Classical Hits in the Gold Hall of Vienna's Musikverein) he spoke with Walter Weidringer of the Musikverein magazine about music, masterpieces, the demanding Viennese school - and why cultural and educational policy is the only means with which to improve our society.  Please click here for the full interview in German. 

Johannes Wildner in Hong Kong: Ravel, Berlioz, Roussel – May 1st and 2nd

One of Asia’s top orchestras, the Hong Kong Philharmonic, is once again hosting Johannes Wildner. He will conduct the orchestra in Berlioz’ “Harold en Italie”, Ravel’s “Rapsodie espagnole” and Roussel’s “Bacchus et Ariane”.

Picture (c) Fuyou



Johannes Wildner conducts New Year’s Concert in St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Johannes Wildner conducts the New Year’s Concert in St. Gallen (Switzerland) on January 1st, at 17.00 am. The concert will be broadcast live on TV Ostschweiz from 4 p.m. with on site interviews and impressions of "Wildner's Vienna".

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Johannes Wildner and the Johann Strauss Orchestra on tour in Japan – January 3rd–12th

For the 32nd time overall, and for the 6th time under the baton of Maestro Johannes Wildner, the Johann Strauss Orchestra is visiting Japan. Concerts are scheduled for Niigata, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Osaka, Yokohama and, of course, Tokyo.




A “Russian Intermezzo” at the German Hof – February 13th

The sixth concert of the Hof Symphony in Germany will see Maestro Johannes Wildner and the orchestra performing works by Rachmaninoff (Romance and Scherzo, concerto for piano and orchestra No. 2 in c-minor, op. 18) and Shostakovich (symphony No. 15 in A-major, op. 141).



Premiere! Johannes Wildner to conduct “Undine” at the Vienna State Opera – April 18th

The Staatsoper only performed Albert Lortzing’s once-popular “Undine” for a few short years, from 1881 to 1891, and to this day, it is rare to find it staged – a lot that this romantic and magical opera has not deserved. Our children will now have a chance to get to know and like this work: An abbreviated one-hour version, adapted for children by Tristan Schulze and conducted by Johannes Wildner, will be offered in the tent, specially designed for children’s opera on the roof of the Vienan State Opera. The plot revolves around Undine, a young mermaid, and her love to the unfaithful knight Hugo von Ringstetten, and the expressive and nuanced musical language in which Lortzing clothes these ideas will enthrall young and old.

Johannes Wildner and Castle Gars: Opera, unplugged! – from July 17th

“A sumptuous, lavishly furnished renaissance drama” is how Johannes Wildner, artistic director, describes the Oper Burg Gars’ new production “Don Carlo”, which will premiere on July 17th. Wildner, who is also conductor at the open-air extravaganza, stresses the pure, unadulterated sound experience awaiting his guests: “In Gars, we refrain from any kind of electronic amplification; with the wonderful acoustics of castle Gars, the orchestra as well as the singers’ voices effortlessly achieve their full, completely natural, sound. An experience that is as rare as it is impressive, all the more so as our Don Carlo is presented by an international cast that would do any of the great opera venues proud!
More information and tickets: www.operburggars.at

Austrian National Day: Johannes Wildner to conduct the Johann Strauss Orchestra at the Wiener Musikverein – October 26th

Johannes Wildner and the Johann Strauss Orchestra are preeminent representatives of the “Wiener Klang” and the authentic interpretation of the œuvres of Johann Strauss, father and son both, Josef Strauss and Franz von Suppé. On October 26th, they will perform a selection of just such works on the stage of the Great Hall at the Musikverein at occasion of Austria’s National Day.



J. Wildner presents the cast of the Oper Burg Gars

The Oper Burg Gars, under the musical and artistic direction of Maestro Johannes Wildner, is causing talk with a fresh team and its fresh ideas as well as a first-class cast. “Expect the unexpected!” is the creed of the new director, who just presented this team and cast. They and Mr Wildner will not just introduce  the “Gars dramaturgy” but also set new benchmarks, at home and abroad. Read more






Johannes Wildner extending his Braunfels recording series – November 10th to 12th

Owing to the great success of the two previously released compact discs with music by Walter Braunfels, Dutton Records will publish a third recording with further works by the composer, again performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra directed by Johannes Wildner.

Wildner presents the new operas at Burg Gars

Johannes Wildner, director of the Oper Burg Gars festival, has chosen "Don Carlo" – Giuseppe Verdi's passionate interpretation of Friedrich Schiller's rousing call for personal and political freedom – to be the Burg Gars opera for the summer of 2015. German opera director Thilo Reinhardt will stage this masterpiece which has never before been performed at the Burg Gars. The following year, Briton Michael McCaffery will put Verdi's "Otello" on stage in these centuries-old walls. Wildner commented, "I want to extend the repertoire with great works that are but rarely performed during summer yet are beautifully suited to Gars, works that are set in castles and that were created in the spirit of the popular opera, as operas for all of us." Details and further information: www.operburggars.at

China-Première! Johannes Wildner conducting Rouse’s “Alberich” and Mahler in Beijing – February 8th

It will be a very special evening: On the 8th of February, for the first time ever, Christopher Rouse’s “Der gerettete Alberich” will be performed in China. The work by the most-performed composer of the latter half of the twentieth century describes the fate of the dwarf Alberich after the Twilight of the Gods. The China Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Johannes Wildner, will also perform Mahler’s 1st symphony...


Concert: Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester hosting Johannes Wildner in Flensburg and Haderslev – Sept. 14th and 15th

With a busy, but highly successful festival summer under his belt (an open-air “The Magic Flute” at the Oper Burg Gars that won highest praises and three operetta concerts “Operetta made in Austria” in Gmunden and Vienna), Johannes Wildner is travelling to Denmark again.
For the second time this year, the Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester has invited him as guest conductor; this time, the programme promises delicacies such as Glinka’s overture from “Ruslan und Ludmila”, Shostakovich’s second violin concerto with Guro Kleven Hagen as soloist, and Brahms’ third symphony.

Johannes Wildner conducts Beethoven in China

In October 2012 Johannes Wildner follows another re-invitation to conduct two of the most renowned Chinese orchestras: 
On 6th October, he conducts the oldest Chinese Orchestra, founded in 1879, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. On 12th October, he will present a concert with Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra.

On both occasions, Beethoven's 5th piano concerto, with Tzimon Barto as a soloist and Beethoven's 5th Symphony will be performed.

Mr Wildner conducts the BBS Concert Orchestra in the second Braunfels recording

Following the 2013 release of Dutton Records’ first compact disc with works by Walter Braunfels – “Piano concerto op. 21”, “Ariel’s Song”, and the “Scottish Fantasy” – Johannes Wildner, First Guest Conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra, will direct the recording of the second CD with works by this German composer from April 7th to 10th, 2014. “A crucial aspect of my work is to not throw out all the musical and cultural history of the aesthetics of sound, but rather to recognise new developments and to merge the resulting changes into those aesthetics, creating a harmonious whole,” said Mr Wildner.

Premiere! Director Johannes Wildner kicks off the Gars opera festival with “Der Freischütz” – from July 18th

„Expect the Unexpected!” is both the creed and the recipe for success of Dr Johannes Wildner, new director of the Oper Burg Gars festival. With the “Freischütz” premiere on July 18th, Wildner and his high-calibre ensemble begin a new era and will set new benchmarks nationally and internationally."We will be exciting, enthralling and bold."






Johannes Wildner and the St. Gallen Symphony celebrate Shakespeare's 450th anniversary – November 30th

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of playwright William Shakespeare, the St. Gallen Symphony dedicates a jubilee concert to the Bard of Avon, on November 30th at the Tonhalle St. Gallen. With Maestro Johannes Wildner at the rostrum of the St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra, the selection of works will include, under the heading of "Shakespeare and the Romantic-era composers", excerpts from Otto Nicolai's "The Merry Wives of Windsor", Antonín Dvořák's "Othello", Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet" and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Johannes Wildner conducts the Symphonic Orchestra Maribor – February 26th

On February 26th, Maribor’s Union Hall will host Maestro Johannes Wildner and the Maribor Symphony for an exciting concert featuring Demetrij Žebre’s symphonic poem “Svobodi naproti” (Embracing Freedom), Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s “Variations on a Rococo Theme”, op. 33, and Robert Schumann’s wonderful Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, op. 97 ("Rhenish Symphony"). Karmen Pečar Koritnik, violoncello, will be the evening’s soloist.

Final performances: Undine, directed by Johannes Wildner, on the roof of the Wiener Staatsoper – June 13th

Albert Lortzing’s “Undine” as adapted for children has been a success with the audiences as well as the critics. To the great regret of many, the era of the “Opera for Children” in the tent on the lofty roof of the Staatsoper has come to an end; but with Johannes Wildner directing, what an end it was!
Reviews are here



Open air, unplugged: Johannes Wildner and “The Magic Flute” at the Oper Burg Gars – from July 13th

“The Magic Flute” is, according to artistic director and conductor Johannes Wildner, “the starting shot for the European Enlightenment society that spans the past 200 years.” Whether Enlightenment and the associated ideals are still applicable to the deep crisis that Europe currently finds itself in – that is the question that director Kurt-Josef Schildknecht asks in his staging just as Wildner and the rising stars in the fresh, international, ensemble ask it in their interpretation of Mozart’s music.
Details regarding cast, performance dates, shuttles from Vienna, and more are available at the Oper Burg Gars web site. By the way, the mediaeval Burg Gars is not only the perfect stage for both this opera and the question posed by the production. The castle’s excellent acoustics also make the Oper Burg Gars festival one of the very few that need not and will not use electronic amplification.




The second J. N. David recording for cpo, with the RSO Vienna

Having released, on cpo, Johann Nepomuk David’s 1st and 6th symphonies in January 2014, Maestro Johannes Wildner is conducting the RSO Vienna during the recording of the 3rd and 7th symphonies of this Austrian composer.
“[…] His works show such fine-grained instrumental differentiation, display such memorable application of motifs, that one cannot but listen to them, completely entranced.” (Concerti 02/14)
"Extremely fine performances of symphonies by Johann Nepomuk David from Johannes Wildner and the ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien on a new release from CPO."  The Classical Reviewer


Dr Johannes Wildner accepts the appointment to the professorship for conducting

With an effective date of October 1st, 2014, Dr Johannes Wildner has accepted the appointment to the Chair of Conducting at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, the school at which he himself was educated by Karl Österreicher and Othmar Suitner. Upholding the tradition of the great Hans Swarowsky in passing on his mastery, his store of knowledge and his professional experience to students from all over the world is a great honour to Wildner, as well as a joy and a deeply-felt obligation; and instilling an intimate familiarity with both the Viennese aesthetics of sound and the Viennese traditions of making music into his students will be a large part of these.

Johannes Wildner to conduct the final round of the Kreisler Competition 2014 – September 18th

Sixty young violinists from twenty-seven countries are taking part in the VIII. International Fritz Kreisler Competition in Vienna. The winners will be chosen on September 18th, at the gala finals taking place at the Vienna Konzerthaus; the ORF Radio-Symphony-Orchestra under Maestro Johannes Wildner will accompany the soloists.



Johannes Wildner: Two album-releases with BBC Concert Orchestra

The passion that makes Johannes Wildner invest himself in forgotten music and rouse his and others' enthusiasm often brings forth the most surprising results. Following on the heels of his successful first recording of German composer Walter Braunfels's works (with the BBC Concert Orchestra, published by Dutton Records), Volume 2 will be released in January and bring us Braunfels's early "Symphonic Variations on an Old French Children's Song" (op. 15), the suite in "The Glass Mountain" (op. 39) and the "Sinfonia Brevis" (op. 69).


Castle Gars: “Don Carlo” a major success – through August, 8th

Verdi’s “Don Carlo”, Johannes Wildner’s second production as artistic director of the Oper Burg Gars Festival, found a rapt audience which celebrated the bravura première performance with repeated ovations. “Gars has a winner! […] What they are doing at the castle of Gars is more than fit to be seen and heard, it is truly astonishing,” says Gernot Zimmermann in the ORF Radio 1 “Morning Edition,” while www.opernnetz.de comments that “Reinhardt’s staging impresses […] with gripping drama and tension.


World premiere! Johannes Wildner presents Friedemann Katt’s “De rerum natura” – May 28th

To celebrate a hundred years of Lions Club International, the Lions Club Ried is causing a stir with a noteworthy world premiere: “De Rerum Natura – Of the Nature of Things”, Franz Xaver Frenzel’s broadest work so far, and his most comprehensive. The composer describes the work as “philosophical – romantic – modern; yet, just like a baroque-era painted ceiling, entertaining.” The Festival-Sinfonietta Orchestra Linz, with Johannes Wildner conducting, will present this world premiere on May 28th at Ried im Innkreis.


Johannes Wildner returns to the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto

On March 22nd, 2013 Johannes Wildner conducts the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto. 


Beethoven, "The Ruins of Athens", Opus 113 

Dvorak, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Opus 33 (soloist: Gabriele Carcano)

Cascioli, Trasfigurazioni

Schubert, 4th Symphony, D 417

Johannes Wildner, the Mozart expert, was once more invited to Genoa.

Two years ago, “The Magic Flute” conducted by Maestro Wildner was a major success. This year, he returned to the Teatro Carlo Felice for a new production of “Le nozze di Figaro”. Once again, he took the opportunity to work on Mozart’s distinctive characteristics in both style and sound with the orchestra and the young cast. The public as well as the critics received the results enthusiastically: “In the pit, Johannes Wildner has properly honoured his fellow countryman, his conducting now brilliant and svelte yet not excessive, now soft and delicate yet never heavy.” The performance on March 14th, 2014, was streamed live on the Internet.

"A convincing presentation of Johann Nepomuk David's orchestral œuvre"

"If a recording studio is resounding with the less common repertoire  of 20th century German composers, Johannes Wildner comes to mind - and here, too, Wildner, conducting the RSO Vienna, succeeds in delivering a truly convincing presentation of and argument for David's orchestral oeuvre." (Klassik.com: full review)





26 December 2018 - 15 January 2019

Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra

Asia tour (China, Japan, Taiwan)
works by the Strauss family


25 and 26 January 2019

Laxenburger Schlosskonzerte



29 March 2019, 19:30

Freiheitshalle Hof, Festsaal
Hofer Symphoniker

N. W. Gade: In the Highlands op. 7

W.A. Mozart: Concerto for horn and orchestra no. 4 e flat major K 495 (Marc Gruber, Horn)
C. Nielsen: Symphony no. 6 Sinfonia semplice


5/6/7 April 2019, 19:30
Kronach - Kreiskulturraum, Hofer Symphoniker

Glasunow, Alexander : Winter from "The Seasons", op. 67 
Glasunow, Alexander : Spring, op. 34 
Hummel, J. N. : Concerto for Trumpet and orchestra e flat major
Haydn, Josef : Concerto for Trumpet and orchestra e flat major
Haydn, Josef : Symphony no. 82 C-major


22 May 2019, 19:00

Deutsches Haus, Flensburg

Sønderjyllands symphony orchestra with the

Schleswig-Holsteinischen symphony orchestra
Mahler: Symphony no. 6


23 May 2019, 19:00 

Concert hall in  Alsion, Sonderborg

Sønderjyllands symphony orchestra with the 
Schleswig-Holsteinischen symphony orchestra
Mahler: Symphony no. 6


18. Juli 2019, 20.00

Oper Burg Gars - Premiere

L.V. Beethoven: Fidelio
further performances

20, 23, 25, 27 July 2019
1, 3, 6, 8 10 August 2019